If You Are Getting Dental Implants, You Need This First

Living without a full set of teeth significantly diminishes your quality of life and makes even basic tasks like chewing and smiling feel nearly impossible. Fortunately, we live in an age of advanced technology that offers a solution for just about everything says Dr. Tadros, a Largo dentist office.

Dental implants are considered the “Golden Standard” in technology that makes it possible to replace your lost teeth with completely natural and durable titanium posts and crowns. Implants have the potential to restore your mouth and last forever, but it is essential that they are installed into your mouth using the most efficient methods.

The Cornerstone of Dental Implants: Ossification

Dental implants largo cannot be placed into the mouth without the process of ossification, which creates space in the jawbone for the new titanium posts. Those posts are designed to replace the roots of each tooth. However, the traditional method actually requires dentists to extract, or cut out, pieces of the jawbone itself to create holes. This weakens bone that has already been made vulnerable from missing teeth. Osseodensification is a much more efficient and sustainable method to make room for each implant. Be sure to ask your dentist if he performs osseodensification before committing to your implant process.

What Is Osseodensification?

Osseodensification is a new and innovative procedure that condenses the bone to make room for each implant instead. This process creates the implant site by pushing the bone outward from where the new tooth needs to be placed. Not only does advanced osseodensification make room for the implant, it also makes the surrounding areas denser and stronger than they were before. This is crucial to sustain long-lasting dental health and support ongoing bone strength.  

It’s Like Adding New Bone

Implants cannot be placed until the jawbone demonstrates a specific amount of strength. Since many patients have experienced Tampa bone grafting degradation and find themselves lacking enough jaw bone material, osseodensification makes it possible to strengthen the jawbone without a bone graft. The procedure slowly displaces existing bone tissues and makes them more compact around each implant, so it achieves the strength of new bone without any grafting needed.

Superior to Traditional Techniques

Advanced osseodensification is superior to traditional implant techniques for many different reasons. First, it saves you money! You no longer have to pay for a surgical bone graft, costly hospitalization, and removal of healthy jaw bone. Your implant site will even heal faster after osseodensification, since you do not have to endure any invasive bone removal. Before you even begin to discuss the details of your titanium implants and crowns with your dentist, be sure to ask about osseodensification.

4 Ways to Ace Your Beach Body By June

As usual, time is flying, and spring is about to give way to summer! Are you feeling ready to flaunt your body at the pool or beach this season, or would you rather wear your sweatpants all summer long? Don’t worry, dropping a few pounds and sculpting the body you want doesn’t have to take years or make you miserable. These four simple Tampa gym strategies will help you look and feel your best by the time June rolls around.

Use High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training has become a very popular workout method because it forces the body to burn more fat than any standard workout. Unlike running a steady 6.0 on the treadmill or working on the stair stepper, HIIT alternates between intense bursts of activity and then short periods of rest. This pattern accelerates fat burn and continues revving your metabolism long after the workout is over. If you maintain a consistent HIIT schedule, you’ll be able to watch the fat practically melt off your body, making way for more defined muscle.

Give Body Weight Resistance a Try

Rather than lifting weights, you can actually sculpt your body efficiently using nothing but your own weight as the resistance. Instead of bicep and tricep curls, you can drop down into a variety of push up forms and burpees. Rather than the leg machines at the gym, you can complete jumping squats, cross jacks, and a multitude of other plyo moves. When you get creative and follow the experts, these body weight resistance techniques can produce results without the weights. Recommended tip: try a personal trainer tampa membership for best results.

Drink More Water

Looking and feeling your best on the beach (and beyond!) is about more than exercise. While your workouts remain a critical component of your overall fitness, what you use to nourish your body also plays a major role! This is why it is so important to drink water, water, and more water. Water is the ultimate multi-tasker; as soon as it enters your body, it provides many benefits simultaneously.

First, water supports the processes of digestion and elimination, so extra water will easily remove toxins from your body, prevent bloating, and help you feel “lighter.” It’s also the best zero-calorie way to feel full sooner. This means drinking extra water will stop you from eating more calories than your body really needs, which will in turn melt away fat.   

Swap Carbs for Lean Protein and Veggies

You don’t need to swear off carbs forever, but replacing some of your carbohydrate choices with lean proteins or vegetables will force your body to burn existing fat stores instead of incoming carbohydrates. This will help you tone and tighten your body before beach season goes into full swing. Of course, the protein will also boost your energy so you can keep digging in deep to every workout!

FastBraces® Are Superior To Traditional Braces: Here’s What You Should Know

Nobody actually wants braces, but they are a necessary evil for most people who want straight and attractive teeth. Traditional braces have been used for decades, but in this modern age of cutting-edge technology, the traditional way is often the outdated way. Indeed, the FastBraces® system has proven far more efficient than regular braces.

Believe it or not, FastBraces® have been available for more than 25 years, yet for some reason the majority of dentists still use traditional and less efficient braces styles to straighten their patients’ teeth. If the idea of straightening your teeth in only 120 days with minimal pain and discomfort sounds like an appealing offer, be sure to ask your own dentist about FastBraces®. Here is everything you should know before your appointment says Dr. Estrada, a Trinity dentist professional.

What Are FastBraces®?

The FastBraces® system has revolutionized the field of orthodontics. While normal braces move the teeth into their correct position through two stages in two years, FastBraces® brackets use a different mechanical system to deliver results much faster. Instead of moving the crown of the tooth first and the root of the tooth second, FastBraces® actually position the root of the tooth first. This makes it quicker and easier to then align the crown of the tooth appropriately.

How Are FastBraces® Different Than Traditional Braces?

The patented trinity FastBraces® system uses triangular brackets and specialized square wires to position the root of the tooth first. This is different than classic square braces and metal wires that compose traditional braces. As a result, FastBraces® get right to business aligning your teeth so that you can enjoy the results of teeth straightening without the pain and extended wait time.

What Other Benefits Do FastBraces® Offer?

FastBraces® have become so popular because they provide more comfort with less pain, especially after dental implants trinity fl. The technology actually gives the shifting teeth a clear-cut path to slide with minimal friction. This reduces pain while accelerating results. Some patients see their teeth begin to align after just weeks, and most patients have fully aligned and straightened teeth after just 120 days. That’s a fraction of the time required for normal braces!  

According to an article in the Journal of Orofacial Orthopedics, “It can be confirmed that the non-conventional bracket designs investigated offer increased maneuverability along the guiding arch, a clear-cut reduction in sliding friction.”

Time and time again, research proves that FastBraces® are the way to go. But not all dentists offer FastBraces®, so be sure to find a proven, experienced provider in your area.

The Most Surprising Non-Invasive Way to Reverse Sagging Skin

eyelid liftsGetting older initiates a multitude of changes to your life. Some of them are positive and rewarding, like having children and grandchildren or saving enough money to take an exotic vacation. Other changes, however, are likely to make you cringe. Sagging skin is one of the dreaded results of aging that nobody looks forward to seeing.

Until recently, the only way to reverse sagging skin involved plastic surgery and a long period of recovery time. New technology now makes it possible to achieve smooth, tight skin without any invasive procedure at all! One example are non-surgical eyelid lift strips from various companies. Here’s everything you should know as you begin your quest to achieve tighter, younger-looking skin.

Why Does Skin Sag?

Collagen is the single most essential component of healthy, youthful skin. Unfortunately, the amount of collagen produced by your skin decreases every year after the age of 30. Without enough collagen, the body and skin simply cannot perform different functions as efficiently as it did in its youth. For the skin in particular, loss of collagen leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of volume.

What Are the Non-Surgical Solutions?  

There are many minimally-invasive or non-invasive treatments that are designed to tackle sagging skin, but only one type of technology makes it possible to eliminate sagging skin immediately and in the comfort of your own home. ContoursRX® has designed a line of innovative products that look and feel like skin. They use state-of-the-art non-surgical beauty product enhancement technology that can safely and instantly remove years from your appearance.

Lids By Design®  and Neck Rescue are the first products of their kind to be available in cosmetic surgeon and medical offices to help users achieve instant results that blend with their skin tones. Immediately upon contact, the skin-like technology becomes invisible on the skin and stays in place to make sagging skin disappear. In addition to being latex-free, the skin applications are also hypoallergenic, medical grade, dermatologist-tested, and available in multiple sizes.

Lids By Design® are medical-grade instant eyelid correcting strips that correct excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid, droopy sagging skin hanging over the eyelashes, puffy eyelids, and asymmetry. Just one set can be worn all day without any problems! Neck Rescue, meanwhile, is a non-surgical neck lift tightening strip correcting strip that improves the appearance of the neckline by lifting heavy skin that is disrupting the natural contour of your neckline. Once applied, the strip lifts sagging skin and restores the appearance of elasticity and tightness to the neckline. You can use these solutions day after day to look and feel your best without any surgery!

Surrogacy Overcomes Cancer Limitations

SurrogacyAngela Salerni was engaged, working full time, and planning a beautiful wedding when her life was turned on its head by a cancer diagnosis. Not just any cancer diagnosis—this form of cancer was so rare that her ovary had to be removed before chemotherapy. With more surgeries and an intense round of chemotherapy coming her way, Salerni took her oncologist’s advice to harvest her eggs. Shortly before her hysterectomy, Angela and her husband had six embryos frozen to help them start a family in the future through surrogacy.

One year later, nearly five years after their wedding, Angela and Mike started working with a surrogacy agency to find a surrogate who would make a suitable match and help them finally bring a child of their own into the world. Luck was on their side, and their very first match, Roshael Rose, was “the one.” We always asked how to become a surrogate and we now have our answer.

Roshael came to the role as a surrogate mother through an interesting road. She became a mother at a very young age (14) and continued to grow her family with more children at the ages of 16, 18, and 23. She was nearly 27 at the time that she was matched with Angela and knew from her past experiences that she wanted to help women who could not have children on their own.

The two women connected almost instantly, but the road still wasn’t easy. Angela dealt with the sadness of her inability to every carry a baby, especially as Roshael entered her third trimester. Roshael constantly waved off people’s compliments of being a hero, telling others than it was Angela who had the hardest job of trusting another person with their own child for so many months, and from such a long distance.

When Angela and her husband decided they wanted a second child, they again turned to Roshael, who was thrilled to be able to provide two people who she now considered friends with the ability to grow their family. As Angela stated, “There’s no emotional road map [for egg donation].” But surrogacy helped her and Mike raise two beautiful kids despite that fateful cancer diagnosis.

The Newest Fat Buster is Ultrasound Energy

Are you familiar with those “last five pounds”? The ones you have been trying to drop since college to no avail? That extra inch of fat around the waistline can be extremely frustrating, especially if it’s the only thing standing in the way of you and your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

If you’ve tried exercise and healthy eating and still can’t seem to eliminate that fat, the revolutionary new treatment called Liposonix could be the solution you’ve been desperately waiting for available at tampa medical spas across the country.

liposonix-graphic-2What is Liposonix?

This is a safe, non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to treat and eliminate stubborn fat. It’s the perfect treatment for people close to their ideal size and shape who just need help with those dreaded “last five pounds”.

Rather than offering a temporary solution, Liposonix and Tampa botox forces the fat out of your problem areas to be processed and eliminated by the body. The fat leaves for good, leaving you with a trimmer, more contoured waistline. It takes between 8 to 12 weeks to see the difference, since that’s how long the body takes to remove the destroyed fat tissue through its natural process.

What Makes Liposonix Different?

Liposonix prides itself on a few distinctions from other procedures.

First of all, it doesn’t carry any of the surgical risk or recovery down time of invasive procedures; a Liposonix patient can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure! In addition, Liposonix allows for a close level of customization based on the patient. Rather than spending multiple sessions attacking one area, this treatment precisely delivers ultrasound energy to complete treatment in just one hour. Liposonix even uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to destroy the targeted subcutaneous fat without harming the surrounding skin or tissues.

But most of all, Liposonix is known for its incredible efficiency. As its logo says: “One hour, one treatment, one inch.” It’s seen by many as an effective complement to a health and fitness routine that has plateaued and can no longer deliver desired results.

Compounding Pharmacies Are For Pets, Too!

Until the 20th century, every pharmacy was a compounding pharmacy because the pharmaceutical industry had yet to evolve. Instead, independent pharmacists and doctors blended active ingredients together into treatments that were customized to each patient’s needs. However, the onset of large pharmacies and widespread prescriptions let to a more depersonalized form of pharmacy service that did not include compounding.

Today, compounding pharmacies exist specifically to provide every customer with specially formulated combinations with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are customized to resolve a very specific problem or issue. This is wonderful not only for human use, but for pet use as well!

Pets are a part of the family, and many pet owners treat their dogs and cats like extra children. Using the highest quality of veterinary care is always a priority to help keep these adored animals healthy.

Veterinary concept.

Veterinary concept.

Compounding Makes Pet Medication Simpler

Trying to convince a dog or cat to take a capsule of medicine isn’t quite a walk in the park. Rather than torture yourself and your pet, use a compounding pharmacy to receive customized medications that your pet will take without a fight. A compound pharmacist can also ensure that the dosage provided is perfect for your pet’s size, especially considering that a Yorkie and a Great Dane probably don’t need the same treatment.

Compounding Makes Medicine Fun

What pet doesn’t love treats? Compounded medication can be squirted, flavored with meat, or even added to a biscuit or treat. Compound pharmacists can collaborate with your pet’s veterinarian to determine the best medical choices for your pet. Multiple prescriptions can also be combined into a single dose to save you and your pet the trouble of administering multiple in one day. Preservative-free and allergen-free prescriptions are always possible as well.

Keeping your pet healthy with the right medicine doesn’t have to be a headache. Compounding pharmacies make the entire process simple from start to finish.

Medical Practice Software Simplifies the EMR Process

The Electronic Health History, or EMR, has blossomed as the twenty first century’s medical-related document management design. EMR databases consolidate and organize essential medical-related information electronically, including the electronic healthcare assert. Health care techniques are capable to productively and promptly regulate the digital healthcare history, drastically benefiting not simply the follow but in addition the client.

Virtually any EMR process has been able to aid medical practices to reach a greater amount of firm, but new medical related observe software programs can take a apply even additional. However an EMR consolidates professional medical documents, the health care information are still on independent databases, depending on the classes the EMR belongs to. Billing data, medical histories, etcetera., are all situated on various databases, necessitating multiple logins and infrequently serious and high-priced stability and IT infrastructure. Health-related software applications streamlines the costs, equally economic and time.

The industry has picked up to the demand for medical observe software programs that simplifies the EMR practice. That is why choosing the best health related exercise software system are usually so challenging. On any supplied working day, in almost any presented internet search engine, the keyword “medical apply software” will produce hundreds of thousands to hundreds of tens of millions of indexed internet pages. Attributes of excellent health care apply software programs involve web-based accessibility, health billing PDA, 3rd party billing, electronic imaging, experiences, and monitoring. In addition to these features, healthcare methods can stay up for reducing overhead bills, for example IT infrastructure and extra stability fees.

Just about every medical related follow is familiar with that finding a competitive edge also necessitates simplicity. Health-related practices probably do not need overtime to speculate in education themselves on new health related software package. Not merely should certainly or not it’s relatively easy to master but in addition very simple to set up and easy to make use of.

Yet another characteristic employed in health apply software package is accessibility. Medical-related apply applications has enabled entry to the cpt code, HCFA 1500, icd.nine codes, Soap notes, and in many cases HIPAA consultants.

Despite the fact that seeking out the ideal medical observe software program to simplify your EMR wants would require you to definitely do your research, exploring might be the hardest portion. To put it differently, health care apply software was meant to operate for yourself. The knowledge and tips and hints supplied in this post and its accompanying assets are meant to simplify the searching process way too. Faced-paced home business, mainly medical-related observe home business, isn’t going to prevent and wait around for everybody to catch up, nor do patients cease coming. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Well prepared,” and with medical-related apply software program, you’ll be.

A supportable, useable, adaptable, workable, and cost effective solution to streamline the needs of the health observe EMR should be to unearth health-related exercise software package effective at supporting your practice’s info databases and streamlining their administration to one secured login. Don’t just can it service your EMR’s but in addition you, since medical-related practice software application provides you with entry to assistance guide and health codes. You’ll find it will allow you to access your EMR databases off-site.

Handling the needs of an EMR procedure could be time-consuming and wearisome. An EMR does not have to get a lot of of your time and cash if it is appropriately managed by a superb health observe software package technique that works for the home business.