Surrogacy Overcomes Cancer Limitations

SurrogacyAngela Salerni was engaged, working full time, and planning a beautiful wedding when her life was turned on its head by a cancer diagnosis. Not just any cancer diagnosis—this form of cancer was so rare that her ovary had to be removed before chemotherapy. With more surgeries and an intense round of chemotherapy coming her way, Salerni took her oncologist’s advice to harvest her eggs. Shortly before her hysterectomy, Angela and her husband had six embryos frozen to help them start a family in the future through surrogacy.

One year later, nearly five years after their wedding, Angela and Mike started working with a surrogacy agency to find a surrogate who would make a suitable match and help them finally bring a child of their own into the world. Luck was on their side, and their very first match, Roshael Rose, was “the one.” We always asked how to become a surrogate and we now have our answer.

Roshael came to the role as a surrogate mother through an interesting road. She became a mother at a very young age (14) and continued to grow her family with more children at the ages of 16, 18, and 23. She was nearly 27 at the time that she was matched with Angela and knew from her past experiences that she wanted to help women who could not have children on their own.

The two women connected almost instantly, but the road still wasn’t easy. Angela dealt with the sadness of her inability to every carry a baby, especially as Roshael entered her third trimester. Roshael constantly waved off people’s compliments of being a hero, telling others than it was Angela who had the hardest job of trusting another person with their own child for so many months, and from such a long distance.

When Angela and her husband decided they wanted a second child, they again turned to Roshael, who was thrilled to be able to provide two people who she now considered friends with the ability to grow their family. As Angela stated, “There’s no emotional road map [for egg donation].” But surrogacy helped her and Mike raise two beautiful kids despite that fateful cancer diagnosis.