Compounding Pharmacies Are For Pets, Too!

Until the 20th century, every pharmacy was a compounding pharmacy because the pharmaceutical industry had yet to evolve. Instead, independent pharmacists and doctors blended active ingredients together into treatments that were customized to each patient’s needs. However, the onset of large pharmacies and widespread prescriptions let to a more depersonalized form of pharmacy service that did not include compounding.

Today, compounding pharmacies exist specifically to provide every customer with specially formulated combinations with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are customized to resolve a very specific problem or issue. This is wonderful not only for human use, but for pet use as well!

Pets are a part of the family, and many pet owners treat their dogs and cats like extra children. Using the highest quality of veterinary care is always a priority to help keep these adored animals healthy.

Veterinary concept.

Veterinary concept.

Compounding Makes Pet Medication Simpler

Trying to convince a dog or cat to take a capsule of medicine isn’t quite a walk in the park. Rather than torture yourself and your pet, use a compounding pharmacy to receive customized medications that your pet will take without a fight. A compound pharmacist can also ensure that the dosage provided is perfect for your pet’s size, especially considering that a Yorkie and a Great Dane probably don’t need the same treatment.

Compounding Makes Medicine Fun

What pet doesn’t love treats? Compounded medication can be squirted, flavored with meat, or even added to a biscuit or treat. Compound pharmacists can collaborate with your pet’s veterinarian to determine the best medical choices for your pet. Multiple prescriptions can also be combined into a single dose to save you and your pet the trouble of administering multiple in one day. Preservative-free and allergen-free prescriptions are always possible as well.

Keeping your pet healthy with the right medicine doesn’t have to be a headache. Compounding pharmacies make the entire process simple from start to finish.