FastBraces® Are Superior To Traditional Braces: Here’s What You Should Know

Nobody actually wants braces, but they are a necessary evil for most people who want straight and attractive teeth. Traditional braces have been used for decades, but in this modern age of cutting-edge technology, the traditional way is often the outdated way. Indeed, the FastBraces® system has proven far more efficient than regular braces.

Believe it or not, FastBraces® have been available for more than 25 years, yet for some reason the majority of dentists still use traditional and less efficient braces styles to straighten their patients’ teeth. If the idea of straightening your teeth in only 120 days with minimal pain and discomfort sounds like an appealing offer, be sure to ask your own dentist about FastBraces®. Here is everything you should know before your appointment says Dr. Estrada, a Trinity dentist professional.

What Are FastBraces®?

The FastBraces® system has revolutionized the field of orthodontics. While normal braces move the teeth into their correct position through two stages in two years, FastBraces® brackets use a different mechanical system to deliver results much faster. Instead of moving the crown of the tooth first and the root of the tooth second, FastBraces® actually position the root of the tooth first. This makes it quicker and easier to then align the crown of the tooth appropriately.

How Are FastBraces® Different Than Traditional Braces?

The patented trinity FastBraces® system uses triangular brackets and specialized square wires to position the root of the tooth first. This is different than classic square braces and metal wires that compose traditional braces. As a result, FastBraces® get right to business aligning your teeth so that you can enjoy the results of teeth straightening without the pain and extended wait time.

What Other Benefits Do FastBraces® Offer?

FastBraces® have become so popular because they provide more comfort with less pain, especially after dental implants trinity fl. The technology actually gives the shifting teeth a clear-cut path to slide with minimal friction. This reduces pain while accelerating results. Some patients see their teeth begin to align after just weeks, and most patients have fully aligned and straightened teeth after just 120 days. That’s a fraction of the time required for normal braces!  

According to an article in the Journal of Orofacial Orthopedics, “It can be confirmed that the non-conventional bracket designs investigated offer increased maneuverability along the guiding arch, a clear-cut reduction in sliding friction.”

Time and time again, research proves that FastBraces® are the way to go. But not all dentists offer FastBraces®, so be sure to find a proven, experienced provider in your area.

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